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metadata.dc.type: Dissertação de Mestrado
Title: Liberty as pro-gression : a study of the revolutions idealized in Areopagitica, The marriage of heaven and hell and The matrix
metadata.dc.creator: Adalberto Teixeira de Andrade Rocha
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor1: Luiz Fernando Ferreira Sa
metadata.dc.contributor.referee1: Sandra Regina Goulart Almeida
metadata.dc.contributor.referee2: Suely Maria de Paula e Silva Lobo
Abstract: Impressions of truth and liberty are time and space specific. Historically, works of art stand as material manifestations of the physical conversions required by ideologies in their "hailings" of individuals and reminders of those individuals' statuses as always-already subjects. Hence, delving into distant texts as sites of expression for these ideologies allows the reader to contrastively study the different formulations that may be made for truth and liberty. In my thesis, I will address the assumptions of Areopagitica, The Marriage of Heaven and Hell and The Matrix as well as provoke their ideals in order to expose the status of their liberty and pro-gression towards Truth as one that is in no sense absolute, but time and space specific.
metadata.dc.subject.other: Hutcheon, Linda, 1947- Crítica e interpretação
Pós-modernismo (Literatura)
Blake, William The marriage of heaven and hell Critica e interpretação
Liberdade de imprensa Grã-Bretanha
Cinema e literatura
Milton, John 1608-1674 Areopagitica Critica e interpretação
Matrix (Filme) Crítica e interpretação
Espaço e tempo na literatura
metadata.dc.language: Inglês
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
metadata.dc.publisher.initials: UFMG
metadata.dc.rights: Acesso Aberto
Issue Date: 15-Jun-2007
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