Technical specifications

The Institutional Repository of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (RI-UFMG) is built on the DSpace platform, free software developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Hewlett-Packard (HP). The platform was released in 2002 under the BSD license that allows users to customize or extend the software as needed.

The RI-UFMG uses the version of DSpace originally adapted by the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology (IBICT) and is compatible with the Open Archives Initiative Protocol (OAI protocol). The platform uses the Dublin Core ( standard for describing digital documents. The system uses the standard CNRI Handle to designate permanent identifiers in each available document in the Repository.


All intellectual productions available at RI-UFMG are property and responsibility of the authors, according to the legislation that governs the country copyright (Law nº 9.610, dated 02.02.98).

The submitted content follows the worldwide open access movement. If a file is found that is a violation of the current legislation, the designated Steering Committee must be informed so that the situation will be regularized.

Collaborating team

University Library – Library System of UFMG (BU / UFMG)

Anália Gandini Pontelo (Deputy Director 2014-2017 and Director Pro tempore 2017-2018)
Camila Mariana Aparecida da Silva
Eliane José de Araújo
Izabel Antonina de Araújo
Kátia Lúcia Pacheco (Director 2018-2020)
Luciana Gonçalves Silva Souza
Sindier Antônia Alves (Deputy Director 2018-2020)
Wellington Marçal de Carvalho (Director 2014-2017)

Directorate of Information al Governance (DGI)

Izabel Antonina de Araújo (2014-2018)
Joana Ziller de Araujo Josephson (Director)
Maria Aparecida Moura (Director)

Board of Innovation and Teaching Methodology (GIZ)

Eucidio Pimenta Arruda (Director)
Rafaela Esteves Godinho
Lisandra Guerrero Perez
Omar Vidal Pino
Patricia Nascimento Silva

Faculty of Medicine (AVAS 21)

Fabiene Letizia Alves Furtado
Maíra dos Anjos (2016)

Center for Support to Distance Education (CAED)

Eliane Marina Palhares Guimarães (2019)
Lianny Sánchez López (2016 – 2017)
Maria das Graças Moreira
Mayara Silva Gonçalves
Natan Gazineli Oliveira (2018)
Sérgio Luz de Souza Lima (2018)
Viviane Lilian dos Santos Barrozo
Wagner José Corradi Barbosa

Information Technology Directorate (DTI)

Diogenes Cecilio da Silva Junior (Director 2014-2018)
Dorgival Olavo Guedes Neto (Director 2018 - current)

Computing Center of UFMG (CECOM)

Carlos Alfeu Furtado da Fonseca (Director)
Soraya Jardim Alves Neves Ferreira
Gessy Caetano Júnior
Bruno Oliveira de Carvalho
Rodrigo Couto Zeferino

Repository Management Team

University Library – UFMG Library System (BU / UFMG)

Kátia Lúcia Pacheco (Diretor of UFMG Library System)
Sindier Antônia Alves (Deputy Director of UFMG Library System)

Communities: Academic Works and Scientific and Cultural Publications

Izabel Antonina de Araujo (Coordinator)
Camila Mariana Aparecida da Silva (Librarian)
Eliane José de Araújo (Administration Assistant)
Eliane Maria de Andrade (Librarian)
Luciana Gonçalves Silva Souza (Librarian)
Jane Mary Bento (Administration Assistant)

Community Educational Resources

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Community Management

In definition

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