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Type: Monografia (especialização)
Title: Educação em saúde para atualização de enfermeiros que realizam a consulta de pré-natal
Authors: Ana Carolina Nogueira da Silva
First Advisor: Ana Karina Bezerra Pinheiro
Abstract: A finalidade da assistência pré-natal é assegurar o desenvolvimento da gestação, permitindo o nascimento de uma criança saudável e sem impactos para a saúde materna. Constitui-se em um dos dois eixos da abrangência da Rede Cegonha. O enfermeiro, enquanto membro da equipe de saúde, está diretamente envolvido com a assistência pré-natal.As orientações educativas prestadas por este profissional são fundamentais para proporcionar às gestantes informações que irão subsidiar comportamentos saudáveis e assim minimizar complicações advindas desse período...
Abstract: The purpose of prenatal care is to ensure the development of pregnancy, allowing the birth of a healthy child with no impact on maternal health. It constitutes one of the axes spanning the Stork Network. The nurse, while health staff member is directly involved with prenatal care. Educational guidance provided by these professionals are essential to provide information to pregnant women that will support healthy behaviors and thus minimize complications from that period. Considering the continuing education as the process of learning on the job with potential to transform the practices of health workers, it is aimed through this project, to develop educational intervention to update the nurses who perform prenatal. It appears as an intervention project, in which it identified the knowledge of nurses about information on delivery to implement education activity for health (update). A workshop was held, lasting for one shift, with four nurses from the Family Health Strategy in a Basic Health Unit in Fortaleza - CE. As a result, there was the importance of this practice to bring the professional reality often not closely experienced by him, but that its operations will positively or negatively influence the outcome in this particular case, the assistance to women in pregnancy and delivery. Experience has shown that health education of reason is not raise issues not experienced by professionals, since the theme labor was cited in the initial phase of this intervention, but helped to enhance this approach, enriching it and enabling posture more empowered. Also pointed to the need for Continuing Education. Favored also to raise awareness of the professional to focus on the guidelines in nursing consultations during the prenatal period, clarification of aspects related to the topic, the rectification of misunderstandings and update of concepts and practices. Keywords: Prenatal Care, Nursing, Health Education.
Subject: Cuidado Pré-Natal
Educação em Saúde
Enfermagem Obstétrica
Educação Continuada
language: por Brasil
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Publisher Initials: UFMG
metadata.dc.publisher.department: ENFERMAGEM - ESCOLA DE ENFERMAGEM
metadata.dc.publisher.program: Curso de Especialização em Enfermagem Obstétrica - Rede Cegonha
Rights: Acesso Aberto
Issue Date: 16-Nov-2015
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