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Type: Artigo de Periódico
Title: Relationship between implant stability measurements obtained by insertion torque and resonance frequency analysis: a systematic review
Authors: Frederico Santos Lages
Dhelfeson Willya Douglas de Oliveira
Fernando Oliveira Costa
Abstract: Background: The primary stability of dental implants can be evaluated by insertion torque (IT) and resonance frequency analysis (RFA). Objective: Assess the supposed relationship between the IT and RFA. Materials and methods: A systematic review was performed based on the PRISMA. The electronic search was performed in the PubMed, Web of Science, SCOPUS, Cochrane Library electronic, OVID, and Scielo databases. Manual searches were also performed. There was no restrictions regarding year of publication or language. The articles identified were assessed independently by 3 trained researchers. Clinical trials reporting the RFA values by means of implant stability quotient (ISQ) and IT were included. Results: The electronic and manual searches yielded 2017 studies. Twelve studies were included in the systematic review. There was no statistically significant correlation between ISQ and IT (rs = .366; P = .079). The quality of the evidence was downgraded by risk of bias and indirectness; and the certainty of the evidence was low. Conclusion: IT and RFA are independent and incomparable methods of measuring primary stability. Is important for clinicians to define only one method of evaluation for each implant
Subject: Dental implants
Resonance frequency analysis
language: eng Brasil
Publisher: Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Publisher Initials: UFMG
metadata.dc.publisher.department: FAO - FACULDADE DE ODONTOLOGIA
Rights: Acesso Restrito
Issue Date: 1-Dec-2017
metadata.dc.relation.ispartof: Clinical Implant Dentistry and Related Research
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